Antibody : Types, Structure, Classes and Functions

Antibodies or also known as immunoglobulins are proteins produced by the immune system particularly when the immune system detects substances that can be potentially harmful to the body. Antibodies are distinct because they are huge and resemble the shape of letter Y. Antibodies are important for the function of the immune system. The production of […]

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Types of Microscopes

A microscope is a laboratory instrument used to see things that are not visible to the human eyes. There are different types of microscopes and each type has its benefits and advantages. These are the following: Image 1: A simple microscope is the first microscope ever created. Picture Source:   Image 2: An image of […]

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Colony Morphology of Various Bacteria

Bacteria grow as colonies on solid media. A colony is a visible mas of microorganism that originated from a single mother cell. Hence, a colony of bacteria is a clone of genetically alike bacteria. There are various types of bacteria and each type produces differently looking colonies. They vary in color, share, pigmentation, and other […]

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Types of Blood Cells

Blood is one of the most important body fluids. It is a mixture of various components and each has a special and important role to play in the body. A problem in any of the components of the blood may result in serious medical conditions.   What does blood do to the body? It is […]

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